Public Works


  • Removes graffiti quickly and efficiently
  • Removes rust, staining, paint, exhaust fumes pollution and more from most surfaces
  • Does NOT cause damage to the original surface
  • Restores sandstone & marble monuments effortlessly
  • Water soluble and kind to the environment
  • Generally uses no water during the blast process. See FAQs for more details
  • Cost effective with minimal or no preparation or clean up required

Line Removal

Current methods of line removal include abrasion using a shot blast system or burn off, however both systems present serious problems of dust and fumes that can be hazardous to workers, bystanders or passing vehicles. Shot blasting is not water-soluble so clean up has to be done periodically to collect accumulating residue. In addition both methods damage the road surface, thus speeding breakdown and the need for costly repairs or repaving. Shot blasting also creates minor depressions in which water can accumulate, freeze and create hazards to motorists.

Sodablast is done with a harmless media (baking soda) that is water-soluble so clean up is achieved by simply washing away. There is no abrasion to the surface, so no water accumulates. There is no threat to passing vehicles, bystanders, or workers.

Car Parks/Playgrounds/Public Buildings & Areas

Sodablast is very effective at removing oil, grease, paint and other contaminants from car parks and other public property. When a small amount of water is added to the soda flow, the soda becomes a natural soap that easily shifts oil and grease. This method is much more effective than jet washing, even if a detergent is added and only uses a fraction of the water.

Sodablast will not damage the original surface so is effective at contaminate removal on softer substrates such as sandstone, marble, timber or PVC.

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