Sodablasted Pools

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Pool, Spa Fountain, & Water Feature Cleaning

Blasting can rid ugly build-up from pools and fountains in about 2 hours, sparkling water returns in approximately 12 hours without harmful chemicals or danger to the environment.

We vacuum your pool, leaving no mess.

SODABLASTING begins by lowering the water level just below the tile line. (Empty Pools are also not a problem.)

Using a special system with Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), we can safely remove scale and calcium build-up without damage to your pool tiles.

After the cleaning process, we rinse the remaining debris from the tile and adjacent pool deck areas.

Any cloudiness or material suspended in the water will filter out or dissolve within 36 hours.

Since Sodium Bicarbonate carries a Ph of 8.3 the changes to the pool's chemistry will be very slight, if at all.

Removing paint from swimming pools

Is your pool looking old and tired? Paint peeling? Surfaces fouled?

Depainting normally means messy and nasty chemicals and solvents or physical abrasion which may harm your pool's concrete lining.

SODABLAST uses an environmentally friendly method to clean your pool - in a fraction of the time of other methods - for both home pools and public baths.

SODABLAST strips off old paint and contaminents, leaving your pool ready for repainting or tiling.

It is also ideal for cleaning pool surrounds and walkways (even if your pool is full!)

All pools need maintenance and refurbishing over the years.

Sodablasting saves on costs and lost downtime.

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