• Removes layers of old paint in one 1/10th of the time of traditional methods
  • Removes bilge oil film, old paint and exposes blisters
  • Is mobile and can move from boat to boat, yard to yard
  • Does not penetrate the protective gel coat
  • Ensures hull retains ‘no drag' due to multiple layers of paint being removed
  • Environmentally kind using little or no water

Preparing a hull for painting can be one of a boater's toughest jobs — that's why many marinas or boatyards usually end up doing the work. But traditional power washing is not effective against removing bilge-oil film, old paint and blisters—and rougher methods like sanding and chemical treatments can destroy the boat's thin gel coat. Blasting the surface with a high-power stream of bicarbonate of soda, the same material that soothes an upset stomach, removes multiple layers of old paint and opens up blisters for repair in 1/10th of the time.

Employing the same technology used to restore old cars and remove graffiti, Sodablast directs a high pressure (75 to 150 psi) stream of soda and air at the hull. Sodablast Pty Ltd provides the Sodablast equipment along with trained operators who easily trailer the units to the job site and move the machine among individual boats. Simple plastic tenting around the boat contains the removed paint and dust, which is then easily collected and discarded. An added benefit of Sodablast is its ability to expose hidden problems, especially blisters that have been covered by multiple layers of paint. Boat surveyors, working on behalf of prospective boat buyers, rely on Sodablast to pinpoint problems that could otherwise be overlooked.

For sailors and high-performance boat owners who dislike speed-robbing bottom paint, the Sodablast process will completely remove all existing paint from the gel coat in preparation for a final surface buffing. For new boats, Sodablast removes the shine from the gel coat before the bottom is painted for the first time.

Antifouling paint suppliers appreciate Sodablast's ability to properly prepare the hull for a blister-protecting barrier coat. Often overlooked or improperly done, preparing the surface for a barrier coat is an extremely important step that ensures proper adhesion of subsequent anti-foul coatings. In this procedure, the Sodablast pressure is decreased, which allows the gel coat to be gently etched without damaging the hull. This allows the barrier coat to firmly bond to the surface of the gel coat.

To remove existing blisters by conventional methods, hundreds of man-hours are often necessary. Sodablast can safely and effectively remove 500 blisters and feather the edges for repair in only a few hours. In severe cases of blistering, the entire hull of a 36-foot boat can be simply and safely undergo the Sodablast procedure in half a day or less.

Sodablast can safely and effectively remove multiple layers of bottom paint and prepare blisters for repair at lower costs than any conventional method.

We take every care not to affect the immediate surroundings (particularly other vessels) by tenting the entire blast area of the hull. All contaminants removed by the Sodablast process are safely contained and disposed of appropriately.

The Sodablast technique is extremely quick and efficient. This allows boat yard owners to process many more boats and hence perform other maintenance and repairs as well as increasing the amount of anti-foul paint jobs required!


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