Sodablast ....

  • Removes dirt, oil, grease, process residue and paint
  • Will not harm bearings, packing's, seals, gaskets, metals, galvanise or glass
  • Will not cause sparks when striking any surface
  • Requires minimal preparation, containment and clean up
  • If fast, efficient and cost saving
  • Will access hard to reach places and is mobile

Mining and transport companies have both recently discovered the many benefits of Sodablast. Traditionally, machinery has been sand blasted or jet washed to remove contaminates. This involves hours of masking and taping to prevent sand entering the hydraulics, engine parts or other openings or passageways. Machinery is often out of action for days while this process takes place. Sodablast reduces this time considerably therefore saving money and leaves the machinery in great condition with an excellent finish, often needing only a simple rinse to finish.

Sodablast is an ideal application for cleaning all varieties of delicate equipment and eliminates sanding, soaking, scrubbing and abrasive blasting. Environmentally clean, Sodablast will not warp delicate metal surfaces or scratch the pit chrome cylinders, bearings, or seals. Uses environmentally safe, non-destructive baking soda and is an ideal application for automotive, shop or precision cleaning.

This revolutionary method of cleaning can be used across many industries. Below is a short list of areas where the Sodablast system has been successfully utilised:

Cooling towers – not required to drain off cooling tower water as the soda media is water soluble
Galvanized metal – will not remove galvanized surface on any base material
Glass – Sodablast will not scratch glass dials or surfaces and actually polishes glass when water is added
Hazardous areas – can be used in areas where sparks or naked flames can be fatal such as inside fuel drums, pipes or silos
Weld seams – the Sodablast process will not fill in weld seams or cause crack closure
Ceramic – will not harm ceramic surfaces
Heat exchangers – the soda is effective in hard to reach places and will not harm gaskets
Printing – will remove ink build up on printing press rollers

Sodablast saves hours of manual labour and will leave a better finish. It is non-toxic, biodegradable and has no effect on the health of operators or bystanders. In most cases, a rinse with water will completely remove all traces of the baking soda.

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