Graffiti Removal

Before and After


  • Removes graffiti quickly and efficiently
  • No water or chemicals required
  • Prevents reoccurrence when removed quickly
  • Can be used on concrete, brick, metal, glass, aluminium, PVC, wood & more
  • Is water soluble and has NO impact on the environment
  • Is cost effective and requires little or no preparation time or clean up
  • Sodablast is fast and effective at graffiti removal all on many types of surfaces including brick, concrete, glass, PVC, plastic, steel, timber and more. In the case of timber, the user can adjust the pressure and ratio of blast material, to remove paint from relatively soft timber without causing any structural defect.
  • Sodablast does not use water or chemicals in during the process unlike current methods that also take at least three times as long.

Graffiti is a huge problem in Australia and millions of dollars is spent each year to combat graffiti from buildings, walls, and railways. The best way to combat graffiti is a quick and effective removal of it as soon as possible.

Graffiti is not only posted by gangs for recognition, or to express their identity, but also by taggers who want to display their art.

Removing graffiti within 24 hours or less is a big factor. The offenders may come back hit the same area again, but after the 2nd or 3rd time of quick removal they feel it is a waste of their time and materials.

Many cities across the Australia now have taken the position of removing graffiti as soon as possible and have contacted Sodablast Pty Ltd, Australian owned and managed, to handle this growing problem.

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