Sodablast Canberra FAQ

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 What is Sodablast?

 How was Sodablast developed?

 How does Sodablast work?

 Is water used as part of the Sodablast process?

 Is Sodablast better than sand and garnet blasting?

 Is there any heat build-up as there is in sand blasting?

 Is there any risk of fire with Sodablast?

 Is Sodablast good at cleaning engines and greasy deposits?

 Is rusting a problem with Sodablast as it is with sand blasting?

 Would soda-blasting work on graffiti removal?

 What about preparation, clean up and waste disposal?

 Do I have to wear protective clothing and breathing apparatus like sand blasters have to?

 Do I have to mask off areas like glass or chrome trim like sand blasting requires?

 Is Bicarbonate Soda environmentally safe?

 How do I remove the left over paint? (Or grease, waste, etc)

 What about noise?

 How much does it cost?

 How long does it take?

 Can Sodablast cause damage?